Born and raised in France, from a Senegalese background, Mouna developed a passion for makeup at a young age.

Influenced by her number one icon, her mother, Mouna knew that, at some point, she would share her passion for makeup with the world.

“My mother is a typical Senegalese woman who dresses traditionally. She is a strong, confident woman who knows what she wants and knows her worth. As a child, I used to enjoy watching her putting lipstick on! Even while she was at home in her robe, my mother was most of the time wearing some!

I have this memory of her sitting in the living room, applying her magnificent burgundy lipstick while holding her Fashion Fair mirror. Burgundy was and still is her favorite color! And all my sisters adore this memory!

I was eager to apply lipstick myself, and she occasionally would let me try. I would always be creative in combining all her hues!

I appreciated the fact that she gave me that freedom. ”

” While putting lipstick I was filled with excitement, joy, and confidence,
and these are the feelings I’d like to share.”

The three elements that inhabits Mouna: cosmetics, travel, and universality, gave birth to Kee’ss Moi. She had the creative idea that a person could travel the world wearing her line and help those in need. The concept for Kee’ss Moi came to her after seeing a portrait from a beauty photoshoot she did back in 2013. Developing an inclusive and meaningful cosmetics line to empower beauty lovers globally.

Fast forward ten years later, Mouna is a mua living in Los Angeles, California. Her wish has been granted! She is launching her own brand that welcomes you all into her beauty atmosphere.

” It’s important for me to invest in my passion. I had to be demanding in creating my products to stay true and loyal to the values I believe in. This concept is a part of me, and I am a part of it, so you somehow get a piece of me.”


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Be the first to get exclusive access to new launches and everything Kee’ss Moi related!
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